What to do when the internet dies

Inevitably this was going to happen to me at some stage of my blogging month, and of course it happened when I was going to sit down and read somewhere in the region of 180 blog posts. I woke up with a prosecco headache and swiftly moved my laptop into view ready for some reading. Alas, I could not resuscitate the utter bullshit that is my internet connection and so had to decide – do I sit and watch movies all day or…do I dare to venture outside.

Well, my fitbit was looking at me, and it made me feel guilty so off I went. Of all the places in London I could have gone to, I chose the Imperial War Museum. On a cold Saturday afternoon…

It’s almost as bad as shopping on Oxford Street on Christmas eve.

Well, it wasn’t that bad. Tourists aplenty but after the 1st floor, it eased up a lot. I guess the labyrinth that is the IWM confuses most, so they don’t bother to venture past the 2nd floor. Quote of the day was “Well, this is as bad as the Science museum!”.

If you are in that area of London, please do visit – but make sure to wear your glasses. I evidently need to go to the opticians because I couldn’t read most of the small print. I hate going to the opticians mainly because they never just let me get my prescription and run. Oh no. They want to sell me contact lenses (they’re so much cheaper online) and worst of all, push me to buy glasses. On two occasions I have been pressured to buy glasses that I wore once. ONCE. So I continue to squint and complain that print isn’t big enough.

Sidetracked there (it’s a big complaint of mine)…anyway…

Satisfied that my fitbit was smiling and that by now SURELY my internet connection would be back up and running, I ventured home.

Wrong decision, should have gone to steal Starbucks internet.

*sigh* xoxo


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