Back to the future

I’m someone who likes to reminisce at any given opportunity. Today I met up with a school friend (who I see often), and each time we meet we tend to start off with work, family, other friends and then always end up ending the evening talking about days of yore. So, I thought that for day 4 of my blogging quest, I would dig up some old posts from various social sites I’ve belonged to:


Here’s to 2013

Here we are in 2013 – an ode

So to the Mayans let us not goad

For when they spoke of the end of the road

’twas regarding how much tax was owed

By corporations who were ‘oh so poor’

Followed by the downfall of the high street store

Outsold by the Amazonian war

(All profits of which are of course offshore)

In our plight to save ourselves some notes

We bargained ourselves into some serious shit. Totes.

(And not the socks, I can assure thee

I’ve run out of rhyming words, you see).

So there’s an insight into my past – I’m a nonsensical poet at heart, but sometimes I can be topical…

Digging around on timehop, I found this yesterday (Facebook 2012):


I can promise you, I lied when I said that. Non, je ne regrette rien.

Now for some deeper digging (MSN Spaces, 2010)…yep, back in the good old messenger days:

Back to the future. Part 1. No Marty McFly though.

I tend to begin blogs with “It’s been a while, so I thought I’d blog”. Quite silly really, but it’s true…I tend to leave a large time gap between blogging and then blog everyday for a week. Meh!

So this blog is about the future. It’s grim, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. I’ve asked many of my friends what they are going to do after university, and not one of them has an idea whatsoever. I don’t expect them to, but it really makes me scared. I still have two years left, assuming all goes according to plan, and after that…I really don’t want to go back living with my parents et al. So, what happens next?

A job, anything but being a librarian because, I’ll just end up being the keeper of books for all eternity, probably grow a beard and shrink to 2ft 3.

Somewhere to live. Who with? I know who I’d like to live with, but I don’t think it would happen somehow.

Then there’s love, marriage, babies and of course, death. Hopefully not by ingesting a bookcase just to keep the books safe from the evil ripper-uppers from the South West of London.

I’m thinking the whole future thing is running through everyone’s minds at the moment, causing torment and worry, with the added worry of a ridiculous student loan and the potential of having a useless degree. What a waste of squillions of pounds that would be. Hopefully, Biochemistry will treat me well. Not in the afterlife though. I see exponential graphs and chromatography and the devil himself torturing me with porridge.

Yes, porridge. What of it?

I’ve never been much of a life planner, I kinda make it up as I go along…like cooking, coursework, exams, general conversation and this blog. This should make me unpredictable but it really doesn’t. I’m boring, safe and boring again. Actually, I’m lazy. Though I did clean up today…even if I was trying to escape from doing some work. See, I combat laziness by being pro-active about cleaning…wooo…I’m a daredevil!

Though I must say, I used to know exactly what job I wanted when I finished my degree…and now I’m a little confused. I’d quite like to be a science journalist, but I’d probably end up in a squat waiting to pick up job seekers to pay for crack. The drug, not an Irish prostitute. That would be craic.

I would like to go into research, spending my days/nights in a corner with a test tube and a pipette attempting to grow a brain. I’m a natural hermit…and I’m odd, so being a research scientist seems to suit me. I’ll be one of those scientists who finds out useless facts that you read in the Metro “dogs bark and cats meow. Two different languages. They cannot communicate with each other”. That kinda shit.

In a few years time (most likely when I update this blog again), I’ll inform you of what I’m up to. You won’t care of course, you might not even know me anymore. Or want to. There are only so many insults I can deliver, and so many people can take before they decide to hold a grudge. For some, it takes longer than others. You guys are my closest friends of course.

Well, back to bed. If I dream of my future again I might have to stay awake forever. The dreams haunt me. *shudders*

Gnight jitterbugs (you put the boom boom into my heart…) xoxo

And that, is tonights post. Who would knew that I would choose almost the same blog titles 4 years apart.
Thanks for wading through all that crap…here’s to a better blog tomorrow xoxo


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  1. I actually rather enjoyed that crap. Gave me a better insight into who you are. And the Piaf joke made me snort. Good delivery x


  2. Ah Lotte, thank you. This blogging experience is improving my self esteem greatly!


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