I’m a believer, hey

I’m a big believer of holiday means holiday, whether you’re out of the country or not. Someone doing my job or not does not mean life or death to anyone (except me), so I turn my phone off these days. I need a break for a reason; to completely detach from work and to submerge myself into whatever I feel like doing. Whether that is 15 hours play time of Pokemon in 2 days, or simply scrolling through twitter for hours on end. So it may seem like I could just quickly tap on my phone to see what emails have come through etc but…

NO. I’ve done that before and I become even more stressed than I was before I took holiday.

I cannot help but be stressed by work. Even if there’s nothing I can do about a situation and it’s not my issue to deal with, I stress. So when I do take holiday, the last thing I want to think and talk about it work.

Being contacted today did not help. All of a sudden I had worries of whether something I did went wrong etc. Now I’m pissed off and want to check my emails to see if there’s something I can help with. 3 days of relaxation has completely evaded me.

I’ve stopped myself from checking emails but not before having some polite words with the person who contacted me.

Anyway. I hadn’t planned on blogging until tomorrow but here’s an update regardless:

Yesterday I made tomato soup, today I ate it. It was marvellous. The washing machine is fixed, bikinis break washing machines people! Last night I ate a free meal from Wahacca because Mitz was poisoned by them last year. I’m both sorry and happy she was poisoned. Tonight I am going to the pub. Tomorrow I plan to be in halloween decoration mode.

Loves xoxo


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