Can’t fight the moonlight

This post has been dedicated to the one and only Stevie, who has asked to be featured.

Stevie is Scottish. She shouldn’t have any teeth based on the amount of Irn Bru she drinks, and was devastated when they changed the recipe. The rest of her diet consists of Tunnocks tea cakes, salads from Vital and posh Chocolate biscuits that she hides from others. She’s basically vegan, but I don’t know her stance on leather, and the odd treat from maccies when she’s wasted. However she looks forward to trying “Cauliflower steaks”, which I expect taste like cauliflower and any spice you add to it to hide the taste of cauliflower (I personally enjoy cauli). She says the word Cunt as if it’s the air she breathes, and the video “Well it was one of yas” is her all time favourite (it happens to be one of my favourites, it’s possible that’s what bonded our friendship). I used to leave her messages at her desk to welcome her as she arrived into the office in the morning. When Stevie departed London, we collated all of the messages and made a book of them, to remind her that she’s Scottish, drinks Irn Bru and swears like a beast. The cover was written in tippex in my handwriting so it looks like shit, but I think it adds to the charm. She’s not the fucking queen after all, she can deal with it.

I happened to see her last Thursday and it was as expected – messy. It reminded me of how much I miss her embarrassing antics in public, and that I will need to visit her in Edinburgh this year for certain. That or continue to gang up on Di with her in our WhatsApp group…

So, you can stop ya complaining now Stevie! Here’s a reminder of our last meet up #throwbackthurdsday

Love ya girl xoxo


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  1. …yup and she love India, apparently. 😅


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