Easy like Sunday morning

Hello readers!

Welcome to the shortest month of the year. It’s also usually one of the busiest months in my calendar, as there are millions of birthdays this month (all that Summer humping), so I shall start with today’s birthday, which belongs to Jacinta.

Happy Birthday JazzyFox!

We are venturing to one of my favourite pubs in Tooting – The Gorringe – followed by something I have never done before – Bingo. Yes, in a hall (well, a rather grand building actually). I have my massive hoop earrings to hand, but sadly I do not own any animal print clothing to match.

Today I have the song “This Kiss” in my head, by Faith Hill. I played a 90’s love song playlist whilst showering yesterday and was soon singing along to Lisa Loeb (Stay, probably one of the only songs I know all the lyrics too without mumbling half way through) and a bit of Janet Jackson (Together Again – which I don’t know all the lyrics to so quite a bit of mumbling occurred). It’s impressive how music can change my mood, especially after a lot of 90’s albums, and so now I am a bit bouncy and ready to socialise. BINGO!

In other news, I am becoming quite the jet setter. I am off to Amsterdam for two days later this month, and in March I will be back in Norway. Yes, all for work so I won’t get to see much, for example in Amsterdam we are staying right next to the airport, and the client site is very close to that hotel. Boo. But still, it’s a change of scenery and very welcome.

Well, time to finish my coffee and head out to meet the crew. Peace out xoxo


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